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Location, location, location…that’s what many business people consider to be the most important factor when choosing a place to set up business.

Swansea City Centre is your answer when considering the right business location at an affordable rate, which reaps all the benefit of a City Centre that attracts approximately 140,000 visitors per week (at key locations).

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Swansea—the regional centre for South West Wales for shopping, leisure, culture, commerce and education.  We have a population 228,100 including 24,000 students and a retail catchment of 1.5 million people (500,000 within 30 minutes drive time of the City Centre and 1.5million within an hour)

In addition there are a number of major recent projects that Swansea can add to its bow including the re-development of former House of Fraser, Princess Way corridor, Meridian Quay, and SA1.  There is also the re-development of the bus and train stations, regeneration of the High Street, and Boulevard Project that seeks to link the City Centre with its unique waterfront location.

Swansea is proud to be the place world-class innovation and creativity, with the leading Swansea University, soon to become a global exemplar in industry research and development with their plans to develop a new science centre that will work with industry, helping to creating exciting employment opportunities for its graduates.

In addition, Swansea hosts two Technium centres which provide young science and technology businesses with office space and access to specialist business support services. What’s more, companies based here can network with leading national and international companies and academics.

If you are a business wishing to set up your enterprise in Swansea City Centre please feel free to contact our Business Development Team – tel : 01792 637223



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