Preliminary Works

The preliminary works have been designed to facilitate the overall Boulevard scheme.

This phase of works is now complete. 

Improvements that have been made as part of this scheme include:

  • Reconfiguration of the Wind Street / Somerset Place traffic movement and pedestrian crossing arrangements in order to enable the filling-in of the underpass and the creation of a new street level pedestrian crossing between Wind Street and Somerset Place.
  • Exit from Wind Street is now left-turn only, the right turn / u-turn from Quay Parade in to Wind Street has been removed and the left turn out of Somerset Place has also been removed. These changes help to improve the efficiency of this junction and enable the pedestrian crossing to be implemented without having a negative effect on traffic flow along the main corridor.
  • Caer Street has been re-opened to two way traffic along with changes at the junction of Welcome Lane and The Strand. These changes provide alternative access to Wind Street and The Strand due to the removal of the right turn off Quay Parade, as described above.
  • Adelaide Street has been enhanced to include new surfacing, widened pavements and an area of raised highway outside of Morgan’s Hotel to strengthen the links between the Maritime Quarter and the city centre via Wind Street and also improve connections to the previously improved Museum Green.

Design is underway to improve the cycle links along the Boulevard corridor.  The aim is to provide more opportunities for cyclists to move between the city centre and the waterfront.  Further details will be placed here in due course.

What communication has taken place?

A report was approved at the Council’s Cabinet on July 29th to proceed with the preliminary works, the Cabinet report in the downloads section on the right hand side of the page.  The Cabinet report received extensive coverage in the Evening Post, the Western Mail, local radio and BBC Wales.
Public communication has taken place with residents and traders who may be affected by the above works.

Two rounds of drop-in sessions were held where local residents and traders had an opportunity to view plans and proposals and raise any concerns.  These sessions were well attended, comments were followed up where appropriate and attendees were generally supportive of the proposals.  Details of these communication events can be downloaded using the links to the right of the page.

Occupiers and traders who require access to The Strand have been communicated with via a separate letter to inform them of alterations to how The Strand will be accessed from the east of the city. The letter is available to download to in the downloads section Full details of these changes, including a map showing new access routes is available here

In addition to the above, all of the works have been communicated through regular press releases.  Each of the press releases distributed has appeared on the front page of the Swansea Council website and was sent out with Swansea@5 – a daily news service that has over 2,500 subscribers.
Further Boulevard articles have appeared in the Swansea Leader and we have sought residents’ views via questions in Swansea Voices.

There’s also been technical consultation with access groups, cycling groups, the police, the taxi forum and the City Centre Partnership Group regarding the Boulevard proposals.

Can I find out any further information?

The Cabinet Report contains full details of the proposed project and can be downloaded from the downloads section on the right hand side of this web page.
Alternatively, if you have any further queries then please contact Amy Crampton, City Centre Project Officer on 01792 635705 or e-mail

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