Northern Quarter

The City & County of Swansea have prioritised improvements to the public space for the Grove Place area including Dynevor Place and Bellevue Way; and also the High Street corridor including Castle Bailey Street and the College Street junction. Two briefs have been prepared in order to deliver these improvements and enhance their connections with the rest of the City Centre. 1. Grove Place, Bellevue Way and Dynevor Place Grove Place is surrounded by civic buildings and has the potential to form a significant area of public space.  However, the space is largely dominated by vehicles which is unsympathetic to the character of adjoining buildings and creates a hostile environment for pedestrians which is also difficult to navigate. This current situation presents an opportunity to significantly enhance this whole area and the links between Grove Place and the Kingsway. There is potential to redesign spaces to enhance the character of the area, provide additional public space and encourage pedestrian movement throughout. 2. High Street Corridor including Castle Bailey Street, College Street junction and High Street Castle Bailey Street runs in front of Swansea Castle and has the potential to strengthen the symbolic connection between Castle Square and Swansea Castle itself at the same time as significantly enhancing opportunities for informal pedestrian movements throughout the area. The crossroads at the junction of College Street and High Street currently make pedestrian movements to and from High Street very difficult and there is an extensive amount of pedestrian guardrail located in this area.  The improvements to the College Street junction have the potential to significantly improve the connections between High Street, Castle Bailey Street, College Street and Welcome Lane, as well as creating a pedestrian gateway to the High Street.. The High Street has undergone a series of enhancement works in recent years, and further improvements are taking place as a result of the Coastal development.  However, the gateway area outside of the train station is cluttered and difficult for pedestrians to navigate.  This element of the works provides an opportunity to open up this space, direct pedestrians towards the City Centre and to carry out localised work along High Street to smarten the area up and encourage footfall.

Design Considerations

The design principles of this scheme will be consistent with completed enhancements elsewhere across the City Centre and Waterfront areas and will include: Improving connections; to and from the project areas with the rest of the city centre, the aim is to review existing pedestrian crossing arrangements, desire lines, guardrail and surfacing materials in order to better connect distinct areas for pedestrians. Enhanced materials; high quality surfacing will be installed where possible and this will help to improve the look and feel of the project areas. Improved signage; pedestrian signage will be reviewed and improved throughout the project areas which will make the spaces easier to navigate to and through for visitors to the area. In addition, Street signage will be improved where possible which again will make street names more visible and will help locals and visitors alike to identify addresses in the area. Greening the City; opportunities will be explored to plant more trees and incorporate additional green spaces in to the design of these areas. De-cluttering; the location of signs, guardrail and other street furniture will be reviewed and where possible they will be removed which will help to simplify and smarten up these areas.
CONSULTATION In order to ensure that the design of these schemes are as successful as possible and that the local population benefit from the works, we want to find out how people use these areas, what the likes / dislikes are, what people would like to see more of, and likewise what people would like to see less of.  A series of public consultation sessions have now been held in order to find the answers to these questions and provide interested businesses, organisations and individuals with an opportunity to feed in to the proposals. These sessions took place at Coastal Housing Group’s Urban Village on High Street on the following dates and times:
  • Wednesday October 2: Drop-in session from 2pm to 6pm and workshop from noon to 2pm
  • Thursday October 3: Drop-in sessions from noon to 3pm and 5pm to 6pm. Workshop from 3pm to 5pm
  • Friday October 4: Drop-in sessions from 9am to 10am and noon to 1pm. Workshop from 10am to noon
The consultation was also online between Monday 30th September and Friday 18th October and this offered an additional opportunity for people to have their say. All comments received as part of this consultation are now being considered in the design process and the final design will be presented in due course along with an explanation of how comments have been taken on board. Email if you have any questions or queries about the proposals or would like more information, alternatively you can call 01792 635705. Northern Quarter Consultation Letter Northern Quarter Aerial Photo Castle Bailey Street Consultation Plan College Street Junction Consultation Plan Grove Place Consultation Plan