Westway Enhancements

What will the project do? The project will:
  • provide more straightforward and legible pedestrian crossings on Westway, making is easier for pedestrians to cross between the Sandfields area and the City Centre;
  • introduce additional soft/green landscaping of the Westway corridor contributing to delivery of a green artery along key City highway routes aspired to by the City Centre Strategic Review;
  • offer reduced traffic signal phasing to improve traffic flows at the junction of Westway and Wellington Street whilst creating greater network resilience, and takes account of any future redevelopment of St. David’s;
  • introduce a new bus only gyratory (elongated roundabout) to enable better access to and from the bus station for buses;
  • enable removal of the northbound bus lane north and south of the bus station;
Future work may include widening of the footway adjacent the Tesco car park between Wellington Street and Oystermouth Road to create a better pedestrian access between the City Centre and the waterfront. It will also pave the way for possible future changes regeneration of The Kingsway. When will it be done? Work will commence in March, 2016 and be complete in November, 2016 For enquiries please email: westway@swansea.gov.uk

Thousands of pedestrians every month will soon benefit from a wide, tree-lined footway being introduced on West Way in Swansea city centre.

Stretching between West Way’s junctions with Clarence Terrace and Oystermouth Road, the new footway will replace the northbound bus lane which is no longer in use.

Swansea Council is behind the work, which is being funded with a £250,000 grant from the Welsh Government.

The work, starting on Wednesday January 25 and due for completion by the end of March this year, will require a temporary southbound lane closure to enable the removal of the existing central reserve, when needed. Trees and shrub beds will be put in place along the new footway.

Cllr Robert Francis-Davies, Swansea Council’s Cabinet Member for Enterprise, Development and Regeneration, said: “Funding from the Welsh Government’s Vibrant and Viable Places Swansea city centre regeneration programme has already seen many improvements being introduced on West Way over the last year, including more greenery and better links for pedestrians between Sandfields and the city centre.

“But when we first consulted on the project 12 months ago, residents also asked for a widened footway between Clarence Terrace and Oystermouth Road to better connect the link between the area and the seafront for pedestrians. The approval of this additional grant funding from the Welsh Government means we’re now able to meet this request by the end of March this year, helping further improve the look of a key gateway in and out of the city centre.

“The very nature of these works means there will be an element of disruption, but we’ll do all we can to minimise it because we’re conscious of the volume of traffic that uses West Way every day. This is why, wherever possible, all works that require a lane closure will be carried out during off-peak hours.”

Other works to have been completed on West Way over the last year include a new road layout close to the City Bus Station to help bus movements. Improved traffic light phasing has also been introduced to help with traffic flows.

Awarded in June 2014, the Welsh Government’s three-year Vibrant and Viable Places (VVP) programme (2014-2017) has awarded Swansea Council more than £9 million to target key regeneration projects in the city centre.

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