High Street Corridor Project

The areas and completed works include:

College St & High St junction – an improved pedestrian crossing has been introduced enabling pedestrians to cross the junction diagonally in addition to the current arrangement. There will also be less but higher quality railings to improve access and the look of the junction. Traffic lights have been upgraded which will enable traffic to turn right from College Street into Castle Bailey Street. The whole junction has been resurfaced.

Castle Bailey St, Caer, Wind St Junction – design changes to the Wind Street junction and automated bollards installed to enable easier closure of Wind Street, following the installation of similar bollards at the bottom of the Street. The junction has been resurfaced.

High St Station area – as with the College Street junction, railings have been reduced to improve pedestrian access. New directional signage and a mapping facility (with new Swansea Map) installed for visitors to find their way easily around the City. This will complement other mapping sites (including at Princess Way and Wind Street junctions with Oystermouth Road). The micro-poem in front of the Station entrance (‘Ambition is Critical’) has been reinstated. The whole junction has been resurfaced and traffic lights upgraded.

Thank you for your patience.

The project is supported by the Waterfront City Programme funded via the Welsh Government’s Regeneration Area programme, the European Regional Development Fund and Swansea Council.

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